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                bachelor of science, physics (mathematics) (computer science) (writing concentration)         semesters 1-7 grade report html page (saved at start of 8th semester)

                university of utah (semester 9)                         university of california, san diego                         advanced placement grade report

                  (mathematics) (computer science) (writing)

                  semesters 1-7 grade report html page, massachusetts university institute, saved at start of 8th semester - note two classes passed with grade d, semester 2, retaken later passing grade a, with no official credit at institute for semester 1-2 classes passed grade-d
                  semester 9 transfer credit degree completion student experience page - one of two classes denied by massachusetts university institute transfer credit examiner, history, hass school, committee on curricula, 2004;
                      "committee's policy to follow the recommendation of the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences on this kind of issue", "We assume the Transfer Credit Examiner in the respective discipline is the expert for that field, and rely on the TCE's judgment.",
                      "classes that rely on a big, omnibus survey text have a hard time qualifying for HASS-E credit, much less HASS-D credit",
                      "The underlying problem is not simply a question of interpreting the so-called "mechanical criteria" for HASS-D classes. These quantitative criteria are necessary for a class to receive the HASS-D designation (or for a class taken elsewhere to receive equivalent credit, in very unusual cases), but they are far from sufficient. Before they are listed in the MIT subject catalog, HASS-D classes are thoroughly scrutinized by the department in which they are offered, as well as by the HASS Overview Committee, on a variety of qualitative grounds.",
                      "As B____ D____ previously wrote to you, we rely on the Transfer Credit Examiners to make the academic judgements about whether and what kind of transfer credit should be given. I fully support the judgement they made in your case.",
                      "after careful review the Committee agreed with the Transfer Credit Examiner's determination that this subject did not meet the criteria to transfer as a HASS-D class",
                      ombudsperson phone call verbal memory
                  December 2018, cerca 2019 student complaint/review page;

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