Gerasimov/Pajitnov DOS Freeware Tetris Versions
Files found
Version filename size (bytes) Comments
3.12 Tetris.exe 25744 Final version. Found on Gerasimov's website, 2007. Has consistent timing on various machine speeds.
unknown 24235 Unknown earlier version. Found on a DOS freeware site, 2007.

Version MD5sum
3.12 7b43879d9ffff9c94b58c60c22ad255d
u0-24235 6bcf2954ac541748f0a32078f5ad281a

I am collecting here what versions can be found of the original DOS Tetris by Pajitnov and Gerasimov. Released for free in the late nineteen-eighties, the original DOS Tetris used the 16-color text display mode with block characters for the tetris pieces. Later, there were commercial editions of Tetris with fancier graphics, for various platforms.

The version I remember running back in the day, which I downloaded from the BBS of San Diego computer magazine Computor Edge, seems to have been an earlier version than these two I can find on the web now. It didn't have the dotted vertical guide lines, and I sort of remember it using solid characters for the walls of the playfield cup.