A drawing of a computer operator.

                Wood pipe series.

                Skew quadrilaterals, topography of a few basic faces.   The same faces, drawn with a non-monotonic index color palette, in cyan, magenta, grey and black.

                Zima-Trek Maelstrom sprites.   A merge of the Star Trek Maelstrom sprite-mod hero ship sprites into the Zima sprite-mod file for Maelstom (asteroids game), and a Maelstrom sounds file with several of the sounds removed.

                Menu screenshot with english translations from an early nineties VGA version of Tetris: 1 2.   Lately I've switched back to the original DOS freeware Tetris.

                PCjr King's Quest screenshots: surface map, quests, other.

                In early 2006, viewing in plain text some of the spam e-mail I received, I noticed that many of them contained excerpts from a classic piece of fiction, The Hobbit, before their advertising image payload.   I collected these excerpts into a text file for a few months until the phenomenon waned.