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                bachelor of science, physics (mathematics) (computer science) (writing concentration)         semesters 1-7 grade report html page (saved at start of 8th semester)

                university of utah (semester 9)                         university of california, san diego                         advanced placement grade report

                  (mathematics) (computer science) (writing)

                  MIT university classes list transcript, with or without notes.

                  semesters 1-7 grade report html page, Massachusetts university institute, saved at start of 8th semester - note two classes passed with grade d, semester 2, retaken later passing grade-a, with no official credit at institute for semester 1-2 classes passed grade-d

                  semester 9 transfer credit degree completion student experience page, 2004 - one of two classes denied by MIT university institute transfer credit examiner, history, hass school, committee on curricula, 2004; travelled back to Massachusetts for extra humanities lecture class, winter-spring semester, 2010
                  student complaint/review page, December 2018, and into 2019, with further editing...   [meaning to edit that page some more, August 2022; a more clear statement of complaint, adding some material, information; keeping linked copy of 2018-2021 page version]

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