spherical surface ship fight, two-player game program

                spherical surface ship fight, two-player game program, with flat space modes
                    port from 2006 pc-dos program, spherical spacewar

                    _______         twenty-eight k to fund        
                    _______         six-month project                

                    _______     ______________________________
                    _______         port from 2006 program                  
                    _______         finer graphical rendering                
                    _______         projection combination presets      
                    _______         clairaut's formula navigation, per-player keys
                    _______         three-players playable                    
                    _______         ball or disc shot, barrel, rail, or surface throw
                    _______         ship shapes, disc, zone, puck, toroid-torus, igloo~hemisphere
                    _______         gravity, altitude, design issues        
                    _______         interface and play, design and tuning
                    _______     ______________________________
                    _______         mollweide and lambert azimuthal equal-area projections added

                    I hope this project might garner support on a start-funding website, offering four to eight-dollar computer program user license, to the user supporter.

                    port from 2006 program         spherical_spacewar__two-player_game_program         program enhancement

                    When I was looking to port the program in two-thousand-and-eight, I was using mingw with sdl.   I thought I'd proceed with that.         2008 porting notes, porting outline

                    2006 pc-dos original, with eee-pc retune version,         virtualbox dosvm vdi         dir screen        

                home, spherical spacewar 2006 program page                                 screen images   screen   screen   screen images

                page music, midi files played through an esq-1 synth, midi composition instrument program numbers unremapped for the esq as it was, resulting quality sometimes sorry
                  sym8f-beethoven           dp-chit           oasis - dlbia           turandot - puccini           perry_mason           battlestar galactica           1812           on the wings of love           broken wings          
                gm mid, thanks to the midi performers & arrangers of these web midi files, mp3
                  1812 mid       esq           9th mid           knight rider       esq           mission impossible           one-two-three           perry mason       esq           vera           what is love       esq           whitpale_mid
                web midi files through esq-1, mono-timbral by time midi mode, by note start time,
                  america astime axelf mid esq1           america mid esq1           1812           here comes the sun           eleanor rigby           bowie - lom           under pressure           hey jude           knight rider           piano man           96 tears