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                talisman         chrono trilogy_ ct ce cc       a7800 asteroids       a800|a5200 river raid       a2600 river raid ii         k_q         mtg nice sample         ff twelve         xargon         stargate_sg1_v5_r1_yr6         h.e.r.o_a-vcs_twenty-six-hundred_5200

                These were web dream shelves of a few books and games that I placed under an odd literary exercise page, 2018.   There are two music album titles and a TV show dvd volume label in there too.   The first two book picks aren't necessarily high recommendations, both quite good ones though, that I appreciated reading.   I recently got around to reading my fourth novel by WSM, 2019-2020.

                And a midi jukebox featuring an ensoniq esq-1 synthesizer, as it was, in 2005,

                esq-mid, www dot mid, esq mid mid ch one through nine of sixteen, gm mid mid ch ten and on, midi composition instrument tone program numbers unremapped for the esq as it was, resulting quality sometimes sorry,    

                  1812           acker-gs           all you need is love           and i love her - beatles           beatles - honey pie           beatles - i am the walrus           beatles - i feel fine           beatles - i will           beatles - if i fell           beatles - while my guitar gently weeps           billy jean - michael jackson           brass in pocket - pretenders           bto-yasny           chgrove           collins - i wish it would rain down           def leppard -           def leppard - photograph           dp-chit           eleanor rigby           grieg - march of the troll           hope of deliverance - paul mccartney           lennon, john - imagine           life on mars - bowie           living on a prayer - bon jovi           lotr - many meetings           mister mister - broken wings           moonlight sonata -           oasis - dlbia           on the wings of love -           peter gunn - theme           sultans of swing - dire straits           sw-cantina           sw-deathstar theme and awards           sw-duel of the fates           sym8f-beethoven           turandot - puccini           what is love           wild horses - rolling stones           yakety           your mother should know           perry_mason - theme           battlestar galactica           riverbend           sweet home alabama - lynard skynard    

                gm mid, thanks to the midi performers & arrangers of these web midi files, mp3           1812 mid       esq           9th mid           knight rider       esq           mission impossible           one-two-three           perry mason       esq           vera           what is love       esq           whitpale_mid

                web midi files through esq-1, mono-timbral by time midi mode, by note start time,           america astime axelf mid esq1           america mid esq1           1812           here comes the sun           eleanor rigby           bowie - lom           under pressure           hey jude           knight rider           piano man           96 tears