heretic videogame, 1994/1996, screens                                                 page color, black on white,   black on gray

                Heretic videogame, 1994/1996, screens, higher resolution raster runs, 2021,

                4k raster (3840x2160),   _e3m2_   _e3m2_   _e5m8_   _e5m8_   _e3m8_   e3m5 (outside of walls)
                1920x1080,   _e3m1_   _e3m4_   _e5m8_   _e3m8_   _e3m8_   _e3m8_   _e3m8_

                Barely worth running this program at 4k versus 1920x1080 -- four times the computation for finer edges between walls/ceilings/floors, some extra fineness for distant textures -- 15 watts versus 60, with this graphics card maybe.

                more screens; some outside of walls, observation through outer walls, sometimes with uncleared-pixels retained image areas or smear-painting,
                _e3m5_   _e3m5_   _e3m5_   _e3m6_   _e3m6_   _e3m6_   _e3m6_   _e3m8_   _e3m8_   _e4m3_   _e4m3_   _e4m6_   _e4m6_   _e4m6_   _e4m6_   _e4m6_   _e4m6_   _e4m6_
                _e3m1_   _e3m6_   episode 3, sky, up, outside of walls   blue sky down, outside of level

                map screens,   _e1m4_   _e2m6_   _e3m3_   _e3m6_   _e3m7_   _e4m3_   _e5m2_

                screens folder image icons, 221 items, Heretic plus some Doom and Hexen (related games), 6 megabytes

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