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DSCF1709'.jpg, Vizio VU42L FHDTV10A, flash photography.
DSCF1710'.jpg, Vizio VU42L FHDTV10A, no flash.
Used for three months and returned to place of purchase, for the left backlight column being un-lit, fall 2007.   Further, though the TV supported 1920 x 1080 video, there was a limitation in less expensive 1080p "full high-def" television sets of the time such as this model reducing chroma information per-pixel at 1080p, chroma subsampling, so I purchased instead a moderately finer model early in 2008.   By 2009 from what I saw, the less expensive 1080p televisions also had chips suitable to supply 1920x1080 video to their pixels without reducing chroma data.   As photographed here, I used the Vizio VU42L for a desktop computer screen, on a table behind a desk, using 1280x720 video for clear text without chroma subsampling effects.

External antenna port for portable television set, August 2007.   Adapter found.

poncho.jpg, Pentium and scrap wood computer, September 1, 2007.   On shelf to run, April 5, 2008.

Kaypro-16 computer on two crates stack stand/table, with lamp, by shelves.   September 1, 2007

Paper towel and waxed string cone wick.   Glass cup oil candle/lamp, shelf/ledge items before mirror on window ledge, August 18, 2020.   Unlit, January 9, 2021, December 21, 2020.   Not looking to use oil cup candle flame every day, or terribly often - biggest minus, roasted oil vapor into the air for a few seconds after the flame halts, as the hot, thick wick cools.   I've tried using a jar to catch the post-flame vapour seconds, and then carry it to an open window with a card under the jar, with some effectiveness.

Macross triple-DVD case box, with sleeved mtg playing cards within.