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                manual traverse of combinatorial space
                  one from six, five times     frill and fill     one from five, five times               one from eight, five times
                  five-d-nine, combinations layout, page image               five-d-ten, combinations layout, rows by sums
                  one from m, n times, 1 to 5 times from 2 to 6
                hand pattern combinations and permutations numbers, probabilities,     5d2 through 5d20     4d2 through 4d20     maths sheet

                risk board game analysis                   riskdice.bas program               cards probability, large supply, chart

                3d10 for three selections from ten (spreadsheet), repeats possible, and one of the ten is self (or otherwise a wasted selection), combinations cases probability analysis, with incremental probability combinations cases analysis also.   Also 4d10; 3d10 and 4d10 simply without complication of one member being self (wasted selection); and four dice, 2d10 for one from the ten twice, where one of the ten is self, plus 1d3 for one from three nearby, and 1d8 for one from eight (from ten less self and the one from the 1d3).   Two sheets in spreadsheet file, earlier and later page layout versions, presently -- need to get around to finishing some incremental tabulations...

                parked cars collision velocity estimate         png         xls

                angular velocity - velocity - vector relations - radius origin reminder, that velocity, angular velocity, and radius are perpendicular for circular motion.   (versus accidentally using a sphere center as the radius origin incorrectly for instance)

                spherical spacewar, game program   [meaning to write up and consider the mathematics in and around this 2006 two-month game program project more]

                currency trading, two months of trading, 2017; technical analysis pattern trading, frequently, for second month.   orders sales log spreadsheet, trades.   monthly dispositions per currency, sales log taxation filing.

                usage logs.   gin - last bottle finished April 9, 2022; log kept since mid 2014.   reefer - last purchase finished January 14, 2023; usage logged since mid 2020.

                video timing, spreadsheet looking at timing for some video modes, 640x480 to 4k; horizontal and vertical blanking time, proportions, ratios tabulated

                On March 19, 2021, I corrected the mathematical language for probabilities (probability fractions) column labels, in 5-dice combinatorial space traverse layout pages, to "odds in 1", previously "odds to 1" (incorrect in "odds to" logic for the column items, coyly correct for the odds in/of one to add to one over the span of a probability fractions column, "odds [adding] to 1", cheeky column label).   Probabilities, probability fractions, odds in one, odds of one, prob., chance, pieces of chance, chance fractions...

                Parked cars collision velocity estimate spreadsheet chart edits:   ("versus mostly into brakes braking & tire paws rubbing tarmac street", line edit 4/7/2021)   (three more simple equation cells about fraction and proportion ratio, aligned with smash fraction and smash proportion columns above, 4/24/2021)   ("pressed together" colliding instead of "stuck together", 5/22/2021)
                    "versus mostly into the braked tire paws rubbing the tarmac street, the contact..."
                    "versus mostly into brakes braking & tire paws rubbing tarmac street - the contact..."     [ meaning to understand this matter more accurately analyzed, versus approximation thought here ]

                I also use brandy with water, or vermouth, port, or other bottles, but I have been logging only the gin bottles usage so far, since mid 2014.   Thinking about logging the consumption of all of my bottles or cases of cans of alcohol spirit or beverage.   As of 01/23/2023, haven't had alcohol for almost half a year, but interested in allowing light use, low ABV with water, if that's reasonably safe and healthy, occasional beer...
                Various previous usage for reefer.   Ganja and hash - meaning to use less in the day, before 5 - watching out for too much toke, or too much smoke (reduced smoke / no smoke...) - as of 01/23/2023, zero reefer for over a week, thinking about ordering more soon, or going without for longer...
                Instant coffee powder, up to four teaspoons per day, 4.5, 5, some days off between jars - or weeks or months without too, but mostly preferring to have coffee daily.   Some previous rates: a teaspoon or two per day; two to three teaspoons / cups per day.

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