wei station 1-5 e-mail set

                    wei station 1, year-end holidays 2017
                    wei station 2, commentary response
                    wei station 3, summer twenty-eighteen
                    wei station 4, cometary dash
                    wei station 5, essential wrap


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                                                                                __ reading order __ 1 2 3 __ 6 7 8 __ 4 5 __ 9 10 __ 11 12 __
                Typos?   Language errors?   Flow's choppy, not looking to be a writer here.   Just some pretty e-mail message, if it's for you.
                  People of Harbin, rock onward, rock on.   A song of appreciation for the thought of your heart and light.
                    Summer Vinalia, wow, talk about refreshments and you get this beautiful address, such a holiday.


                further letters,
                pacific beach weekend, travels, september twenty-two twenty-three, twenty-eighteen                   _the_holy_glyphs__fun_.png  
                  Ah, feelings.     I feel bad about proceeding with the drop-off from that point.     (_pb_weekend_____travels_.png)

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                Humour and names.   Nice enough start, a few puns for an event to travel to.   Great summer here, 2018.

                I don't recommend reading this thing.

                On the subject of fixed-frame futon folding, I've taken to folding back the mattress, with a board over the forward half of the frame bed for standing.

                Mile-y long in my shoes...

                For an error or two in the thing, I was under the mistaken impression that 'ou' in Houtouwan sounded as 'u', not knowledgeable enough of Pinyin to know that 'ou' is always an 'o'.   Terribly, I didn't know if 'ou' might sound as 'o', 'au', or 'u' for various words or names.   Casual and silly of me to have thought of that place name with a wrong pronunciation for some months, and to have baubled the error to poetic fault in this twenty-eighteen casual literary exercise.

                The books, games, and music page ornament shelves above have been duplicated into a "web dream shelves" page, linked from the personal website root index, as of December twenty-nineteen.