I'm Allen Jordan, and this is my personal website.   The website has some pages about technical and mathematical interests linked from its root index.

                Professionally, I've worked as a software engineer and as a statistical programmer.

                Software engineering

                    Assembly language programming.   Design documentation, programming, test case documentation, and integration bench testing, using an SEI-certified software development process.

                    Spherical Spacewar, two-player game program, two-month project.   Software engineering, c programming.

                Statistical programming

                    Data set management in SPSS.   Generation of univariate and multivariate statistical reports.   Utilization of SPSS Command Syntax and Excel VBA programming.   Longitudinal studies.

                I have a profile on a professional contacts social network site, which links to my personal website.

                university classes transcripts, bachelor of science, physics

                Tragically, the student's education and career were rather damaged catching a committee denial of one of two classes for a ninth-semester degree completion class credit transfer solution, with further damaging factors.

                Computer science education

                    In addition to computer science classes listed in university classes transcripts, including a double-five on the Computer Science AP test, the student read from a sample of computer science books in 2006, before proceeding into a summer of code project that year.   For 2006 computer science reading, K&R C, The Art of Computer Programming volume 1 (first half), Expert C Programming, and a computer science topics book, plus various webpages.

                Code samples

                    spherical spacewar game program,   n-body gravity simulation program,   pc-dos, 2006                     data merge tool,   spreadsheet VBA, 2008