Letter from Fall History TCE regarding HASS-D criteria, additional criterion

Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 09:40:34 -0400
To: "A____ J_____"
From: M__ J_____
Subject: Re: Arranging HASS-D credit for a class taken at the University
of Utah

That would be ok. The more important thing is the substance of the
class: how much writing and participation, what kinds of sources,
are there primary sources, etc. I'd be happy to look at a syllabus
and let you know.

>I'm looking to take a class at the University of Utah this spring that
>will be transferable for HASS-D credit. The HASS office has sent
>me the "General and Mechanical Criteria for HASS-D Subjects".
>Is there leeway in the mechanical criterion that requires a three-hour
>final for classes taken at a university that has two-hour finals?
>A____ J_____
>___ ID ___ ___ ___

Letter from HASS Office Director, Fall '03

Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 10:18:36 -0400
To: "A____ J_____"
From: B____ D____
Subject: Re: Arranging for HASS-D credit for a class taken at the
University of Utah
Cc: g______, b_______, m______, m____, h___

Dear Mr. J_____,

You are correct, that the HASS-Distribution requirement has changed since
you left MIT, so students can now satisfy it by taking 3 HASS-D subjects
2 (24.00), so you could take something from Categories 3, 4, or 5 to
complete your requirement.

You are also correct that HASS-D subjects require a minimum of 20 pages of
writing, in at least 3 separate writing assignments; this is one of the
mechanical criteria for HASS-Ds. I am attaching the list of HASS-D
criteria, both general and mechanical. As you probably know, in general we
expect students to take their HASS-Ds here; if you want HASS-D credit for a
transfer subject, you would have to prove to the faculty member serving as
Transfer Credit Examiner (TCE) for that field that the subject fulfills all

The list of HASS TCEs is on the web at
http://web.mit.edu/hass/www/transadv.html. The Fall 2003 list is currently
up. Some of these change from term to term; if you are seeking prior
approval (which is always conditional, not an iron-clad guarantee) for
HASS-D credit, I would suggest getting it in writing. I am copying the
TCEs for Music (M_____ M____), Sociology (M_____ R___), and Psychology
(A___ H___). You need to be in direct contact with the relevant TCE, and
you'll have to supply enough materials about the course (syllabus,
minimum), so he can judge whether it merits HASS-D credit. HASS-Ds at MIT
are all 12 units. I don't know how 3 or 4 credits at the University of
Utah translate into MIT units. The crucial factor will be the number of
hours of class meeting time; that should be evident from a syllabus.

It is not possible for you to do extra work (not required for the course)
and have it evaluated at MIT. (This is in regard to your question about
the jazz course.) The subject you take must fulfill HASS-D criteria. (We
have a couple Cat. 3 music classes which are exempt from the 20 pages of
writing criterion, but they are music composition subjects; students are
composing music instead of doing written compositions. The jazz class
which is a HASS-D at MIT meets the writing criterion.)

One final caution: be sure to keep everything from the subject you take,
for which you will request transfer credit, to show to the TCE. This
includes all course materials you receive from the instructor, quizzes,
papers, exams, etc.

Let me know if you have further questions. Good luck!

Best wishes,
B____ D____

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Letter to HASS Office Director, Fall '03

03:12 AM 10/17/2003 -0600
To: b______
From: "A____ J_____"
Subject: Arranging for HASS-D credit for a class taken at the
University of Utah

I am a non-graduating member of the Class of '98, and I am looking now to
complete my remaining classes at the University of Utah this spring. With one
of those classes I need to fill a HASS-D slot, and I am writing the HASS office to
arrange for compatibility. When I last attended MIT, my remaining HASS-D
needed to be from HASS-D categories 4 or 5, but, having looked at the current
General Institute Requirements online, it appears that category 3 would
also work now. My ___ ID is ___ ___ ___.

My first choice is MUSIC 1236, Survey of Jazz. The class is similar to 21M.026,
and at the University of Utah it can be used to fulfill the Diversity & Fine Arts
Exploration requirement. The class is 3 credit hours, expects 200-270 pages of
reading, and has 2 exams. A possible problem is that it requires only 3 pages of
writing over the term, for three concert reports. I understand that a HASS-D
generally requires about 20 pages of writing. Would it be viable for me to expand
my concert reports and post them online at the end of the term for the HASS Office
to verify sufficient writing?

Also, would the class need to be 4 credit hours to satisfy HASS-D? My third
choice, PSYCH 1010, General Psychology, is 4 credit hours. My second choice,
SOC 1010, Introduction to Sociology, is 3 credit hours. Each of these classes
fulfills the Social/Behavioral Science Exploration requirement at the U of U, and I
would consider them to be HASS-D category 4 material. I have not yet found out
how many pages of reading and writing they would require.

I appreciate your help in arranging for the completion of my HASS-D
requirement, and my apologies if I've written to the wrong address.

A____ J_____

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