1986-87 and ~88-89 animation reels, six minutes of film; and some further photography
                              two frames film per animation step or sometimes two or three mixed


                vidcap_export_notes_.txt, notes to trim a file, uvs051206-002.AVI, 3 gigabytes, from its 13m 42s length, six minutes of projected, often-animated film in six thirty-five and a minute twenty of the projection recording, two three-minute reels and 26 seconds of one more.

                File ~convert003.mpg, 231 megabytes, 22 minutes, is a 2003 short film, household guinea pigs photography mostly and the animation reels projection recording, alas at vcd quality.   I thought I'd have it in this folder and named on the page but without a link to tap or click, that it would be typed or pasted to play, to possibly share this video with my old animation reels in it, but it was too large a file for my attempted upload to this site host July 10, 2020.   I ought to use Youtube maybe and a video editing program.

                Further photography to add, from the years, continuing from the animation reels content, mostly still photography...